Very few firms of any kind last thirty years, and that is especially true in the brutally competitive financial services industry. Additional hurdles were provided by the Tech Bust and the Global Financial Crisis, both of which destroyed or crippled many of our competitors.

Greycourt prospered in part because we had a special advantage. Although at age thirty, Greycourt is still a “young adult” in our industry, our legacy harkens back much further. For many years before I launched Greycourt I managed an office for an iconic American family, and that office had been established in 1858.

Thus, in a way, when Greycourt launched in 1988 we already had the benefit of 130 years of experience managing wealth through every imaginable economic and political environment. That long and distinguished legacy taught us what is important in managing wealth, and those core concepts – avoiding conflicts, thinking long term, character matters – continue to guide Greycourt to this day.

As a firm we have been enormously fortunate in the quality of the professionals we have been able to attract and, even more, in the quality of the clients that have trusted us over the years.

Thanks to you, we look forward confidently to the next thirty years.

Gregory Curtis