Investment advisors all sound alike.
We’d like to explain how we are different.

We are one of very few independent advisory firms that operate under an open architecture model, which means we aren’t compensated to recommend specific investments - our sole form of compensation is the advisory fee we charge.

How Greycourt Is Different

We understand family dynamics.
We work primarily with ultra-high net worth families and family offices.
why this matters
We are experienced at investing across highly complex structures and incorporating tax impacts into our decision-making.
Our experience as investors gives clients an edge.
We have faced diverse markets as investors as opposed to observers. Our senior team members have an average of 26 years of investment experience.
why this matters
The majority of our team has meaningful experience as investors, and this benefits our clients when navigating markets and economic cycles.
Our structure means continuity and stability for clients.
We believe our independent business model represents where the industry is heading. We believe in being net importers of talent and we have focused on building a multigenerational firm serving generations of clients.
why this matters
We are in control of our own destiny and not subject to conflicts of interest and overzealous growth goals.

Our Flexible Offering

We are focused on serving families and family offices and can customize our services according to your unique needs.
Are you looking for an advisor to help manage your family wealth?
what we believe + how we work
Our Philosophy

We believe that portfolios should be tailored to every client and built for multiple generations. We also believe that conflicts destroy wealth, so we operate under a business model where we are only compensated by our clients. We believe that advice should be clear and candid, so we give our clients straightforward recommendations that are actionable.

Our Approach

We take the time to develop a deep understanding of each client’s situation and family goals – so that we can ultimately design an investment program that helps you achieve their vision of your wealth. We design a long-term investment strategy for each client that is fully integrated with your estate and tax plans, and we tactically adjust your portfolio in the shorter-term. Our client service team takes care of the operational aspects of investing on your behalf.

We support families and family offices with a full service investment advisory offering.
Strategic Portfolio Design
We design a portfolio specific to your situation.
Manager Research
We strive to find exceptional investments that fit your needs.
Client Service and Reporting
We take the operational burden off of your shoulders and keep you updated.
Client Case Study
Diversifying around a concentrated stock position
Are you a CIO or family office executive looking to expand your investment resources?
what we believe + how we work
Our Philosophy

Chief Investment Officers and senior executives of family offices are presented with a challenging balancing act: they must run lean and cost-efficient operations while being able to effectively source, underwrite, execute and monitor world-class investment strategies, often in the context of complex, multi-generational portfolios. We believe CIOs and their teams have unique needs and deserve services that dynamically adapt to and complement capabilities that are often present in both established and evolving family offices.

Our Approach

Greycourt has developed robust capabilities to help sophisticated CIOs and their in-house staff by delivering highly customized investment services matched to the specific needs of the family offices, delivered in a way that is both useful and highly cost efficient. We work with you in a highly collaborative manner with a peer-to-peer mindset, to broaden your reach in manager research in ways that are relevant and impactful. We share data, analysis, and recommendations on new managers, while objectively assessing and interpreting results from existing holdings. We can help with investment and operational due diligence as well as manager risk analysis.

We also work with our CIO clients to exchange ideas and produce detailed analysis at the full portfolio level, which can produce actionable insights in several areas including testing assumptions and inputs for asset allocation models, evaluating portfolio return and cash flow characteristics, and quantifying and discussing risks that can emerge from manager interactions.

We can support your family office or foundation with specialized research services.
Capital Markets Research
These services include access to our in-depth strategic and tactical views and analysis across asset classes.
Manager Research
We provide comprehensive investment and operating due diligence for investment managers.
Customized Mandates
We embrace unique mandates that can help family offices to invest opportunistically.
Client Case Study
Serving as an outsourced research resource

Celebrating 30 Years of Family, Integrity and Clarity
Greycourt is incorporated in Pittsburgh
Greycourt's Portland office is established
Greycourt celebrates its 30 year anniversary
Greycourt leadership transition and management team expansion
what we've learned along the way
Conflicts of interest destroy wealth.

An open architecture model that utilizes a team of specialists that are experts in their field (investment advisor, tax advisor, trust and estates attorney, custodial bank, etc.) can help a family avoid destructive conflicts.

Family wealth is different. It spans generations, not market cycles.

This means family investment planning must be built to withstand sweeping changes of history: war, revolution, recessions, depressions, financial crises, legal liabilities, and more. In this context, guarding against risk is priority one.

Family wealth has the highest societal multiplier.

Private wealth remains the most flexible and creative form of economic capital. We believe it is our obligation to the greater society to help to steward this wealth responsibly.

Character matters.

We believe that helping families preserve their social, emotional and intellectual capital is as important to their long-term well-being as maintaining financial capital.

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