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Fifteen on Friday #507

This week's highlights: How America Got Mean, 24-hour Options, and the Malaria Vaccine

WRITTEN BY | September 15, 2023
David C. Wells
Managing Director

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Featured Articles: 

Business / Markets:

  • WSJ – Amateurs Pile Into 24-Hour Options: ‘It’s Just Gambling’  Rookie speculators try to strike it big on short-term investments that often act like lottery tickets
  • BR – Nobody Knows Anything, John Wick edition  The first of the Keanu Reeves action movie was made for $20 million dollars. It was made as an independent film because none of the studios were interested:  By the time it’s all said and done, the John Wick franchise will be worth more than 2 billion dollars
  • Morningstar – Will You Need Permission to Spend in Retirement?  Their savings can comfortably replace their working incomes with little risk of running out over their lifetimes, but they spend less than they could spend, often much less. Indeed, researchers have identified a “retirement consumption gap” that’s particularly prevalent among retirees with higher levels of wealth.
  • NYT – The Big City Where Housing Is Still Affordable – Credit AM –   In the past half century, by investing in transit and allowing development, the city has added more housing units than the total number of units in New York City. It has remained affordable by becoming the world’s largest city. It has become the world’s largest city by remaining affordable.
  • WSJ – Government Money-Market Funds Are Hot. There’s a State-Tax Catch.  When it comes to state taxes, all government debt is not created equal—be sure to read the fine print