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Fifteen on Friday #519

The Week's Best Articles

WRITTEN BY | March 22, 2024
David C. Wells
Managing Director

Happy Friday!

Best wishes for your weekend!


Featured Articles: 

  • TheAtlantic – The Cystic-Fibrosis Breakthrough That Changed Everything  This is a must read – fascinating about the scientific breakthroughs + the human impact. “The disease once guaranteed an early death—but a new treatment has given many patients a chance to live decades longer than expected. What do they do now?”
  • NewStatesman – The “Disney adult” industrial complex  The grown-up Disney superfan has become a much-mocked phenomenon online. But creating these consumers was always part of the corporation’s plan.
  • TheAtlantic – End the Phone-Based Childhood Now  The environment in which kids grow up today is hostile to human development.
  • AWCS – Avoiding Burnout & a Mid-Life Crisis
  • RichRoll – Interview with Cal Newport  Cal is a professor at Georgetown and author of several bestselling books.  In his new book, Slow Productivity, Cal dives deep into the meaning of productivity for knowledge workers (largely construed to just be activity).  “In his exploration of slow productivity, Cal sheds light on how this approach can lead to improved work-life balance, reduced burnout, and a more sustainable way to achieve meaningful results.”

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