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Fifteen on Friday # 524

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WRITTEN BY | June 28, 2024
David C. Wells
Managing Director

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Business / Markets:

  • WSJ – Social-Media Influencers Aren’t Getting Rich—They’re Barely Getting By  Platforms are paying less for popular posts, brands are pickier about partnerships and a possible TikTok ban looms
  • ILTB – Pat Grady – Relentless Application of Force  Pat Grady is a longtime growth investor at Sequoia. We cover what he’s learned from Sequoia’s legendary partners, how to become a great business writer, and his criteria for separating truly legendary companies from the rest.
  • Capital Allocators – People-Driven Private Equity At Alpine  Fascinating look at Alpine’s CEO development program
  • ILTB – Frank Blake – Leading By Example  Frank Blake is the former chairman and CEO of Home Depot. We cover how the inverted pyramid structure gives the employee experience primacy of place, what the role of a CEO should be, and his favorite stories from his time at Home Depot.
  • A16Z – The State of AI with Marc & Ben  Ben and Marc discuss how small AI startups can compete with Big Tech’s massive compute and data scale advantages, reveal why data is overrated as a sellable asset, and unpack all the ways the AI boom compares to the internet boom.