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White Paper No. 63: What Will You Do in the Next Crisis?
WRITTEN BY | May 6, 2020

The last couple of months have been extremely eventful for all of us. First and foremost, we hope that you and your families continue to be well and that you are finding ways to navigate these very uncertain times. All of this uncertainty can create a sense of fear, and in the words of Warren Buffett from Berkshire Hathaway’s recent annual meeting – “Fear is the most contagious disease you can imagine. It makes the virus look like a piker.”

Part of our role as your advisor is to help address and manage uncertainty. During these unprecedented times, the frequency with which we communicate internally has dramatically increased and the work that we are doing as your advisor is even more dynamic than ever. We have recently developed a tactical views summary that we look forward to sharing with you – a new piece that concisely communicates our shorter-term views. This is a summary of our more detailed tactical deck, which is a comprehensive analysis that we produce every quarter.

We look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you navigate the coming months.

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