About Us

Who We Are

Greycourt is an independent investment advisor serving wealthy families and select institutions. We provide customized and strategic investment portfolios for our clients according to their specific and unique objectives. We work with over 60 clients and we have been providing customized investment solutions for over 25 years.

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What We Do

Greycourt’s services are divided into three primary categories: strategic portfolio design, manager research and reporting and rebalancing.

Strategic Portfolio Design

  • Transition assets using a tax-aware approach
  • Integrate with estate/tax plans
  • Design long-term strategy

Manager Research

  • Assess investing environment
  • Identify relevant strategies
  • Analyze and underwrite managers

Reporting and Rebalancing

  • Tactically adjust portfolio
  • Deliver monthly flash reports and customized quarterly reports

What We Believe

Portfolios must be tailored and designed to last

Greycourt does not utilize pre-determined model allocations or pre-set manager choices. No two clients are alike and each requires a high degree of customization.

Advice must be clear, candid and actionable

Our clients don’t pay us to be agreeable or validate beliefs without robust analysis. It is our responsibility to give clients our honest opinions, even when doing so may be unpopular. Our views and advice are born from comprehensive experience and based on in-depth research.

We can only be good advisors if we’re good investors

Senior advisors and manager research analysts have direct experience as investors and are not just relationship managers retailing others’ intellectual capital. Prior to joining Greycourt our partners were responsible for managing billions of dollars of foundation, endowment and private investment assets.

Unbiased thinking maximizes wealth

Designing portfolios for the long-term in an open architecture environment is critical to achieving clients’ goals. We strongly believe that conflicts of interest destroy investor capital.

Exceptional investments are a rare find

Most investment managers simply aren’t that good. It is difficult to find managers who can justify themselves net of inflation and management fees in a differentiated way and consistently.

Why Greycourt?

We are skilled investors who deliver measurable results

  • We are investors not consultants
  • We demonstrate our value at the strategy, selection and sizing level
  • We have the experience to help our clients navigate challenging and uncertain markets

We provide an ideal client experience

  • We give clients personal attention and work hard to understand every detail of their wealth situation
  • We collaborate with our clients so that they understand and feel confident in those recommendations
  • Our client service team takes the administrative burden off of our clients

Our firm is designed for the future

  • Our business model – conflict free, nimble and independent – is sustainable and represents where the industry is heading
  • We are focused on developing educational programs to engage younger family members, ensuring continuity for our clients over multiple generations
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