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Currently a $36 billion industry and growing, impact investing is increasingly significant in the investment marketplace. However, confusion still exists in our industry about what impact investing really is and how it has evolved. Our latest white paper defines impact investing, discusses its importance in today’s world, discusses the investment considerations for interested investors and the critical first steps that each investor should take when pursuing impact investments.

Flash Report

Gregory Curtis Spoke at the 9th Edition of the Canadian Private Family Office Invitational

This event took place in Canada on March 27-28,

Thomas Moore Moderated a Panel at Opal’s Family Office Forum/Investment Consultants Forum in New York

The event took place March

Gregory Curtis and Kristi Combs Taught an Educational Series for IPI in San Francisco

The series took place February 5-6,

Gregory Friedman Attended Family Wealth Alliance’s Annual Partner Summit in Florida

The event took place February

Matt Litwin Attended Morgan Stanley’s HF Conference and FT Investor Event in Florida

The conference took place January 28-31.

Thomas Moore Spoke at Opal’s Canadian Family Office and Private Wealth Forum in Canada

The event took place January 21-22,

Mark Laskow Attended the UPMC International & Commercial Services Division Committee Meeting

The event took place December 4,

Gregory Curtis and Thomas Moore Attended the 20th Annual Estate Law Institute Conference in Philadelphia

The event took place November 13-14,

Gregory Friedman Presented to Dorsey Whitney Partners on November 7, 2013

The event took place in Minneapolis,

Gregory Friedman Attended the FOX Fall Forum in Chicago

The event took place October 29-30,