About Us

Who We Are

Greycourt is an independent investment advisor serving wealthy families and select institutions. We provide customized and strategic investment portfolios for our clients according to their specific and unique objectives. We work with over 60 clients and we have been providing customized investment solutions for over 25 years.

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What We Do

Greycourt’s services are divided into three primary categories: strategic portfolio design, manager research and reporting and rebalancing.

Strategic Portfolio Design

  • Develop strategic plan
  • Memorialize with investment policy statement
  • Continually assess investing environment
  • Adjust tactically

Manager Research

  • Find opportunistic approaches to portfolio design
  • Identify relevant strategies
  • Analyze and underwrite new managers
  • Constantly edit the manager roster

Reporting and Rebalancing

  • Thoughtful insights via performance analysis
  • Monthly flash reports
  • Highly customized quarterly reporting

What We Believe

It’s not our money

Greycourt does not utilize pre-determined model allocations or pre-set manager choices. No two clients are alike and each requires a high degree of customization. Too often advisors simply offer what they have and not what you need.

Conflicts destroy wealth

You deserve an advisor whose interests are highly aligned with your own. At Greycourt, we derive 100% of our revenues from advisory fees, which are simple and transparent. We structurally remove conflicts that would distort our focus on your goals.

Deliver clear and candid advice

Our clients don’t pay us to be agreeable or validate beliefs without robust analysis. It is our responsibility to give clients our honest opinion, even when doing so may be unpopular. Our views and advice are born from comprehensive experience and based on in-depth research.

Think and act dynastically

Portfolios are designed to support not only the current generation, but future generations as well. Achieving long-term goals while navigating the noise and distraction of the capital markets requires skill and experience. We take a long-term view of managing wealth, just as you do.

Investment returns are only part of the story

Of course financial returns matter. But for many clients, non-financial issues are crucial: creating social impact, preserving legacy holdings, and maintaining family harmony. We focus on the bottom line but never lose sight of other important priorities.

What Makes Us Different


  • Client focused
  • Conflict-free advice
  • Exclusively investment advice
  • Utilize outside managers only
  • Independently owned
  • Collaborative approach


  • Each client is unique
  • Frequent factors considered:
    • Risk tolerance
    • Investing experience
    • Estate planning strategies
    • Identified liquidity needs
    • Embedded tax liabilities
    • Operating businesses
    • Directly-held assets
    • Non-financial considerations


  • We are investors, not consultants
  • Key personnel have real-world expertise
  • 25+ years advising
  • $10 billion in assets*
  • 60+ clients, 40 employees
    • 6 person management committee
    • 10 research professionals
    • 5 portfolio investment analysts

*Of this $10 billion in assets, approximately $4.7 billion falls under the SEC’s specific definition of regulatory assets under management.

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