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  • 62: Quantifying the Value of Tax-Aware Decision Making

    Investment advisors to ultra-high net worth clients often trumpet their skills at manager selection and tactical asset allocation, however, what gets much less attention is the value that can be […]

  • 61: Should You Be Worried About Liquidity in the Markets?

    How concerned should you be about market liquidity? What sectors of the markets would be most affected in a liquidity crisis and how might such a crisis begin? Is contagion to other market sectors a […]

  • 60: How Wealth Advisors Add Value

    Since the Financial Crisis, investor confidence in their advisors has plummeted. Clients are wondering exactly what it is that advisors are doing for them and how to measure how well they are doing […]

  • 59: The Last, Best Tax Shelter Ever?

    As tax rates on high income taxpayers have risen – and are expected to continue to rise – families have begun to dust off a long-neglected tax shelter: investing via insurance dedicated […]

  • 40: Private Equity Investing (Revised 2014)

    Once an investor decides to allocate capital to private equity, the first question is: “How should I go about it?” Properly structured, private equity can be the most rewarding sector of […]

  • 58: Impact Investing

    Currently a $36 billion industry and growing, impact investing is increasingly significant in the investment marketplace. However, confusion still exists in our industry about what impact investing […]

  • 57: Actively Passive

    Despite the fact that over the past decade most long-only active equity managers have failed to produce attractive returns (after taxes, fees and inflation), investors continue to hire and hold these […]

  • 45: Secondary Investing in Private Equity (Revised 2013)

    Secondary investments in private equity can be an attractive addition to primary private equity investments. They offer broad diversification across vintage years, industries, geographies, managers […]

  • 56: Being Rich

    Many members of wealthy families have a complicated relationship with their wealth, and this is often especially the case with young adults. This paper examines the issues faced by wealthy families […]

  • Investment Research Brief: Accelerating Tax Gains in 2012

    There is some uncertainty surrounding the future of long-term and short-term capital gains tax rates, especially given the fact that the Presidential election is fast approaching and the expiration […]

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